2023 September Car Shows

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National Child Passenger Safety Month

Written by Jim Weicherding / Every month of September, a focus on properly restrained children in vehicles is recognized during National Child Passenger Safety Week. This year’s focus week is from Sunday, September 18th thru Saturday, September 24th, 2022. Saturday, the 24th, is also National Car Seat Check Up Day. Many police departments team up with children’s hospitals across the USA each year during these focus weeks to help insure that little kids and infants are safely restrained in backseats. Car seat check ups are crucial when it comes to car seats and infants. Outdated, worn or used car seats, can put an infant in harm’s way if that vehicle is involved in a crash. Trained car seat installers, inspectors and specialists can check your car seat for safety relatively quickly and you will not be detained for a long period of time. It’s well worth the amount of time it takes to ensure that your child is safer. During the year, many police departments offer car seat check ups and you can visit your city, town and community police department website for more information. Buckleupallofus “Car Seats For Kids” Campaign is at its busiest during the month of September across New England with many showcases at area car shows, cruise nights, festivals, fairs, race tracks and police held community events. Funds raised, helps purchase car seats for low income families and single parents. Bucky has been invited to attend many of these police department community events during the month of September, and even during the month of October, when the region’s weather is much more accommodating for hosting outdoor events. Bucky is a more than ten foot tall child passenger safety mascot cartoon inflatable balloon character dinosaur with a seatbelt for a tail and a great big smile attracting kids and families to community events, race tracks and car shows with thousands of items such as, fridge magnets, stickers, coloring posters, safety and fun paks, full color posters to take home with them to help remind everyone in their family to boost up! and buckle up! for safety. This September, we even have Buckleupallofus Fridge Magnets handouts featuring the Motorhead Magazine logo for all of you automotive enthusiasts out there. If you are hosting car shows, cruise nights, race track events, community events and more outdoor venues in the future, there is now a Buckleupallofus E-Commerce WebSite where you can purchase Bucky Fridge Magnets for as low as just $2.99 each to pass out to kids attending your venues and events all year long. Motorhead Magazine is also a proud sponsor. Visit: www.buckleupallofus.us and order yours today! Everyone loves fridge magnets and now we can all keep kids safer at the same time when we put them on display in homes across America.

September 27-October 1, 2023

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