My name is Joe Pinzone and I am the casting director at Warm Springs Production. We are producing a car renovation series that is going into its 2nd season called My Dream Car. We are hoping to film this series in the Carolinas.  The premise of the show is that we are looking for people who are in the process of gifting a car to a loved one that has significant meaning to them. We are open to the car being a gift or a car that has been sitting on their property. Once the car has been identified, we would like a shop to be able to help touch it up (6-8 weeks max) which we can help with some costs while the rest comes from the owners. Stories we’d like to showcase are as followed:


*Restoring an older car that is on the property, but hasn’t been used in years and that the person used to own or had been in the family for years 
*Finding someone’s dream car that they’ve always wanted to own or that maybe a family member used to own and now they want the same car. 


We are also open to other stories that do resemble this. The keys are it being a surprise, dream car with a specific connection, and it being a gift. 
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My name is Joey and I am an unscripted TV Producer in Los Angeles. I work for www.Invent.TV , we are a production company and we are currently developing new TV Concepts in the Car space. We've corresponded on past shows in the past and I wanted to reach out to let you know that there's another opportunity open!

This casting is not for a specific show, rather we are developing shows around personalities, businesses, and/or organizations in the car community. Whether it's custom car building, restoration, collecting, racing, wheeling and dealing or anything in between, we're open! If you're interested or know someone who needs to be on TV, please send back some information about yourself and let's connect!

I have a direct contact with Joey and the tv industry to get your shop on tv. If your loud and proud and you have a younger shop I am supplying names to this tv producer/production company. Reach out to me at In the subject line put On TV. Supply me with links and some builds or videos and I will send them out to the producers. I have already supplied them with a few names already! Share this with someone who you think this fits! And go........................
Thank you.

Mike Linner from