Dwayne Mattox Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast To Catch Up and Talk About His Time On Monster Garage

The Let's Roll! Podcast Interviewed Briana Huhn. Star from Bitchin' Boot Camp and Monster Garage. Maestro of Mayhem at Huhney Bee Fabrication.
See our podcast here with co-hosts Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner

Find out more about Briana Huhn here: www.instagram.com/stories/huhney_bee/2993960966199384455

Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner Talk about the 2022 Car Show Season recap.

Jeff is the spokesman for the Hot Rod Power Tour.

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Scott Lambert Joined The Let's Roll Podcast

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Scott Lambert is president of the Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association and is the producer of the Twin Cities Auto Show.
Make sure you check out our great interview where Jeff Thisted, Scott Lambert and I talk about the Twin Cities Auto Show and Electric Vehicles.

Heather Storm Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast

With Jeff Thisted And Mike Linner. Heather is a TV Host, Creative Producer, Influencer.

Tim Strange Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast

With Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner.

Tim is one of the top hot rod and custom car builders in the country!

Ryan Sage President and co-founder of Formula Drift Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast. We talk about how they brought drifting to the United States and what it takes to become a driver in the drift circuit. With Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner

Richard Rawlings From Gas Monkey Garage & Johnny Bohmer and Cord Newman Join The Let's Roll! Podcast 2-2-2021

John Gardner From Tech Garage On Motortrend Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast On 10-21-2021

Car Owner Virus Revisited:
The most epic podcast from tv celebrities, podcasters/media and influencers/shop owners from the car world joined us!!
Mike Linner and Jeff Thisted- Introduction
Kevin Oeste-SEMA 360 Host-Golden Voice At SEMA-V8 Speed & Resto Shop-V8 Radio Podcast
Cherielynn Westrich- Overhaulin
Ben Bright-Overhaulin
William Jennings Lockwood- Kindig-It Design
Frank Fanelli-Bitchin Boot Camp Winner-Kindig-It Design
Jaime Hjelm Bitchin Boot Camp-Co Owner at Wicked Wrench Co
McKinlee Thacker Riley-Bitchin Bootcamp-Square Shop
Joe Zolper- Garage Squad
Ron Gregurich- Garage Squad
Kingster-Garage Squad
Cy-Garage Squad
Mike Cotten-Faster With Finnegan
Shag Arrington Iron Resurrection
Sam Mahdavi- Sam's Garage on Mavtv and MotorTrend
David Ankin-Toymakerz
6:49 PM Dwayne Mattox-Miller Welders and You will find out soon!!

This is part 1 of 3. Our podcast went 5 hours!!!

Car Owner Virus Revisited Part 2

The most epic podcast from tv celebrities, podcasters/media and influencers/shop owners from the car world joined us!!

Lou Santiago-Car Fix-Garage Insider TV
Tory DiBlasi-Rear End Specialist- All around great guy -Garage Insider TV
Mark Greene- Cars Yeah Podcast
Sarah Edwards Racing-Queen Of Diamonds Jet powered dragster
Dina Parise-Pro Modified Driver
Tim Palazzolo-GAP Racing
Rae Ripple and Joshua Bailey-Rae Ripple LLC
Louis Lee-All Ends Media- Playing N Traffic Podcast
Terry Wilson-Coverman66 and you will find out more soon!
Tammy Miller-Tamco Paints
Brett Hatfield ,Mark L. Groves, and
Corey Pratt-Driven Radio Podcast
Ed Beard Jr.-Air Brush Artist
Vonhotrod Valdez-Pinstriper-Artist
Heidi Lyn and Arco-MN Outlaw Customs
Bryan Dagel- RATical Drive Off
Chris Walker and Robin Hetchler- ITW Hot Rods-Hulkamino
Nelson Gill Boss Hog Torque Converters.
Joshua J Mello-K"s Kustoms
Bryce Green-Big Kid Blocks
Freddy Carlson-Big Kid Blocks

Ken Vela-Automotive Radio Show “Wrench Nation”-

Car Owner Virus Revisited Part 3

Car Owner Virus Revisited:
The most epic podcast from tv celebrities, podcasters/media and influencers/shop owners from the car world joined us!!

Bryce Green-Big Kid Blocks
Freddy Carlson-Big Kid Blocks
Terry Wilson-Coverman66
Paul Jones- Speed Is The New Black-Bespoke Motors
Mike Porrazzo- FantomWorks
Walter Maddox-FantomWorks
Ken Vela-Automotive Radio Show “Wrench Nation”-

Car Owner Virus Crazy Time

Street Outlaws Larry" Axman" Roach Axman Racing Joined The www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast.

We talk about how he got his start in Street Outlaws. We also talk about the new show Street Outlaws "Fastest In America" On Discovery Motor. Make sure you check out the new show on October 19, 2020.

Cherielynn Westrich From Overhaulin' Joined The www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast.

Paul Jones Joined Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner on the www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast!

Paul was the engine guy/guru at Classic Car Studio. He was also on the tv show Speed is the New Black. Paul recently has left Classic Car Studio and is moving to a new shop!! Tune in to see what Paul is up to and where he is going!

David Ankin From The Hit TV Show Toymakerz Joins Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner on the www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast!

See what he is building now and what he has going on in the future! See it here:

Cord Newman Actor And Stuntman Joined Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner on The www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast.

He talks about how he got on the movie There's Something About Mary. He tells us how many car related movies he has been in including some of the Fast And Furious movies and much more. He has alot going on and has worked with many actors and actresses that you have probably heard of. A very interesting podcast with someone who is connected in the car world. He is hooking up with Richard Rawlings for possible future projects. Hear it all here!

Bud Brutsman joins Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner On The www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast

Ever heard of
Overhaulin or Rides?

He created those shows and much more.

Bad Chad Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast

Bad Chad's 2nd Season Can Be Seen On The Discovery Channel Airing Monday's!

Ed Golden Joins The Let's Roll! Podcast

We interviewed my buddy Ed Golden on the www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast with Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner. Ed has worked with so many big names in the automotive and motorcycle industry. Check it out here!

The www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll Podcast on Thursday 8-6-2020 Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner had special guests Diesel Dave and Bari Musawwir. Here is the new video!

We will preview "Monster Jam Breaking World Records" On Discovery and their big Monster Jam event on August 8th on the Discovery Channel where they try to break 7 world records!
Here is a preview of the show on August 8th:

Brad Fanshaw Joined the Let's Roll! Podcast!

Brad Fanshaw is an industrial designer, automotive fabricator, innovator, trend setter, timepiece, luxury products expert, creator, actor, writer, producer and entrepreneur describes just part of Brad Fanshaw.
Brad Fanshaw

He worked with Boyd Coddington.

Was on Car Warriors On SPEED with Jimmy Shine and Ray McClelland.

You can also hear Brad on the Shift Steer Media podcast with Aaron Hagar and Matt "The Motorator" D'Andria.

He has many things going on. One of the hardest working guys in the industry. And he has a lot of cool friends!!

I would love to be like Brad Fanshaw!! Listen to this great interview!! Wow he has had an amazing run!!!

Dina Parise joined The Let's Roll! Podcast with Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner.

Watch the video below!!!

We are excited to have Dina on our podcast!
Read her story here:

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/DPariseRacing/about

Welcome to Dina Parise Racing. I am Dina Parise and I am the owner/driver of this DPR team. I am a former professional skater for the famed Ice Capades. Truth be told, “I traded my skates for tires and my sequins for a fire suit!” Don’t let my graceful exterior fool you. I am a fierce competitor and I mean business !
I am well aware, with being a professional athlete comes significant responsibilities. From being a representative for my marketing partners to inspiring others and taking on the social responsibility of being a role model, I am mindful that this is a 24/7 job. I take the job seriously.
When you think of Motorsports, what comes to mind? Fast cars and loyal fans of course! In actuality, Motorsports is much more than that. Motorsports is a family friendly atmosphere that lends itself well to product marketing.
Every ticket to a Drag Racing event is a ‘pit pass’. Fans have direct access to our cars as well as (me) the driver. I pride myself on being accessible to my fan base on and off the track. That accessibility is marketing gold for DPR’s partners.
Racing is just one part of the puzzle. The remainder is marketing and creating visibility for our DPR partners. Maximum visibility is achieved by utilizing everything from static displays to social media. To me, creating ROI is an art. An artist uses creative skill and imagination to create a masterpiece. The same rules apply for marketing. Creativity and imagination are what I use to create ROI for our DPR partners.
Come along and enjoy the ride here on Facebook with DPR! You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter! Looking forward to engaging with you all !
Dina Parise

Sarah Edwards joins the Let's Roll! Podcast.

She tells us what it is like driving a Jet Powered Car at 300 mph and tells us about her bad accident she had. It was a great podcast with Sarah. She is awesome! And as Jeff would say she is a bad ass!

Lou Santiago Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast

with Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner.
Lou is well known from the tv show Car Fix. He has now started his newest project on YouTube. Garage Insider TV with Lou Santiago
Check out his YouTube Channel here: www.youtube.com/user/Louis1967santiago

Terry Wilson Coverman66 joined Let's Roll! Podcast.

Terry is your LS Specialist on YouTube and goes by Coverman66. He has done 100s of How To Videos on LS engines and other car part replacements. He has followers around the world.

Bogi from All Girls Garage joins the www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast.

See what is going on in Bogi's world and what she is up to now. Is she filming yet?

Watch it here on YouTube now!!

Mark Greene Joined The Let's Roll! Podcast.

Mark has interviewed over 1559 car enthusiasts including many of our car friends and Jeff Thisted #1534 carsyeah.com/ourportfolio/1534-jeff-thisted
and Mike Linner #1533 carsyeah.com/ourportfolio/1533-mike-linner

You can find all of Mark's Podcasts here: carsyeah.com

Mark's Podcasts even landed him on MavTV.

Please click the video and subscribe!!

Nelson Gill and Nora Gill Joined the Let's Roll! Podcast.

Nelson is the CEO Of Acc Performance Products Plus who is the manufacturer of BOSS HOG Torque Converters. Nelson is one of the hardest working guys we know. He has brought many of us together in the automotive industry. He will talk about his great business he is building to become a leader in Torque Converters. He also has some big news about his daughter Nora to tell us! She is invited to The SEMA Show!

The Let's Roll! Podcast with co-host Jeff Thisted spokesman for the Hot Rod Power Tour and Mike Linner from www.carshownationals.com interviews the newest couple to be on the new 2020 Overhaulin' series. Doug Campbell and Marissa DeRosa Campbell join us and we talk about how everything went on the show. We will also talk about the Shelby Daytona that The Official Chip Foose transformed. If you would like to see the new show it is Episode #2 Shelby Shenanigans.on MotorTrend TV

Dwayne Mattox From Miller Welders Joins The Let's Roll! Podcast.

He announces he will be on Monster Garage with Jesse James.

Sam Mahdavi joins Jeff Thisted and Mike Linner on the Let's Roll! Podcast.

Sam is on the tv show Sam's Garage on MAVTV and MotorTrend. Sam has a lot of great stories from driving the first Import turbo car on Pinks All Out to running a shop and being on tv.

Emily Reeves and Aaron Reeves from the show Live, Love,Wrench on MotorTrend joined the Let's Roll! Podcast.

They tell us about the show and what they are up to next with Flying Sparks Garage and their very popular YouTube Channel!

Jeff Thisted and I interview Cory and Brady Ranweiler from Show Cars Automotive Inc. who built the 2020 Ridler Award Winner. A 1963 Chevrolet Wagon named "Impressive". It is deemed "the most prestigious award in the indoor custom car show industry" where the top builders bring their cars to compete for the Ridler Award at the Detroit Autorama.

A must see video podcast with many great people

Take a look at the podcast with many celebrities and influencers around the United States that joined our podcast Car Owner Virus.

Mike Linner catches up with Ed Golden from Golden Customs NY.

Mike Linner and Jeff Thisted on the podcast. Ed does an airbrush and brush demonstration on his 1974 Dodge Van 2020 SEMA project. He is a very talented artist and did a 1955 Chevy for SEMA 2019 that was featured on A&E Networks SEMA Show coverage. At the end of this video make sure you check out his 2018 SEMA build Dragonlord Van.

Take a look at some of his other amazing work:

Vonhotrod world famous pinstriper joins the Let's Roll! Podcast.

Luke was a young gun builder for SEMA 2019 and also competed in the Battle Of The Builders finishing in the top 12. Right now he is on the car show circuit and joins us from the Chicago World Of Wheels. He was competing at the Detroit Autorama and came away with 3 awards including best built garage car award.

Shag Arrington from Iron Resurrection on MotorTrend Joins The Let's Roll! Podcast.

Bryan Dagel Joins The Let's Roll! Podcast He runs the International RATical Rod Drive Off Build Off.

David Newbern & Mike Cotten from MotorTrend OnDemand's hit new show Faster With Finnegan join the www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast.
You know - the new show with Mike Finnegan's Fan Page
If you haven't heard about it, you've been living under a rock.
It's good fun - give it a watch

Jeff Thisted Joins the www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast as a new Co-Host.
Jeff is a spokesperson for the Hot Rod Power Tour and Goodguys Events and also works for MotorTrend.

Worldwide Exclusive!!! A must watch!

Joe Zolper from Garage Squad and Surprise Guest Paul Jones from Classic Car Studio Join The www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! Podcast. We talk about the Automotive Industry and the major issues coming in the future in the industry.

Watch our latest video podcast where Ed and I interview Josh Colburn from #burnoutsforwyatt. Then we talk SEMA and several other topics.

If you missed my buddy Ed Golden last night here is the replay! Thanks for wearing the www.carshownationals.com shirt!

Ed Golden "Ed Talks" and Mike Linner from "www.carshownationals.com Let's Roll! podcasts interview Jeff Allen who is from CNBC's hit show "The Car Chasers" and also is host of the 5th highest listened to podcast of all time the "Skidmarks Show". He also has 3 cars in the new Hobbs And Shaw" Fast And Furious Series movie.

Here it is! Johnny is the Guinness Book Of World Record holder of the fastest car on street tires. He has held this record for over 10 years. 292.9 mph.
Watch the video from Gas Monkey Garage
Watch the inteview here:

Click picture

Mike Linner of Car Show Nationals was a special guest this week on “Playing N Traffic. Playing N Traffic Show is with Lou Santiago from the hit show Car Fix and Louis Lee from All Ends Magazine and Tori Diblasi who is a rear end specialist are on the interview.. Watch the replay here:

Watch William Jennings Lockwood from Kindig-it Design/Bitchin Rides on Motortrend. Ed Golden from Golden Customs NY and Mike Linner from www.carshownationals.com.
Join us as we find out what it takes to work at a high end shop and the pressures and misconceptions of being on a tv show.

Click on picture

Ed Golden and I talk to our friend Nelson Gill from www.AccPerformance.Com about Boss Hog torque converters. This man knows it all on this subject!

Listen to our newest partner of www.carshownationals.com

Ed and I do a podcast on 4-25-2019. Check it out here:

Check out my buddy Ed Golden on
Talking Rides Coast to Coast with Ed Golden & Donna Lynn Ayers-Kessler this weeks guests are the iconic Paul Teutul Sr. & the newest head fabricator at Orange County Choppers Josh Allison. these two guys are real deal down to earth people doing what they love ... Check it out & share thank you
carshownationals.com Jordan Kalinowski
Mike Linner Maya Pyskaty Melanie Lewis
Justin Laschet Joan M Bulger-Kay Nick Mariconi Tim McCarthy Mike Wood Christian Turkish David Turin David Killackey Sr. Nelson Gill Acc Performance Products Plus AERO Race Wheels Camee Edelbrock Edelbrock Performance All Steel & Aluminum Inc Per Westergren Corey M Bassett Jeffrey Allen for inspiring me to get going.

The newest Carshownationals.com Let's Roll! podcast is up!
Ed Golden and I talk about Life and what he has been up to in the custom car/motorcycle world. We talk about Overhaulin and Orange County Choppers and much more.

Portrait shot of Chad, fists up.
I interviewed Bad Chad from Bad Chad Customs. His new show starts on January 1, 2019 on the Discovery Channel and Discovery Go. Check out the interview here:

Look for podcasts from car related people on tv and in the automotive industry. Scheduled to appear. Jo Coddington American Hot Rod. Duane Mayer American Hot Rod. Jeff Thisted Rods And Rust/Motor Trend Group. Ed Golden American Chopper/Overhulin. Bad Chad Customs/ New Show on the Discovery Channel. JJ Da Boss/ Street Outlaws Memphis. Joe Zolper from Garage Squad. Shag from Iron Resurrection.
Coming January 1st, 2019 on Discovery and Discovery GO!