Burrillville artist’s cartoons available at Staples, now in national magazine


Burrillville artist’s cartoons available at Staples, now in national magazine
Jim Weicherding November 19, 2020
BURRILLVILLE – Thousands of copies of Motorhead magazine featuring artist Jim Weicherding’s flu vaccination coloring cartoon poster, as well as his upcoming drive to benefit Toys for Tots, have been distributed across New England and to national subscribers.
The cartoons promote flu vaccinations, while helping to reduce fear and anxiety for children visiting the pediatric doctors’ offices and family clinics.
The artist will take part in a Toys for Tots drive on Saturday, Nov. 28 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Sandy Motors Auto Dealership in Coventry. I-105.5 FM Classic Rock Radio will be broadcasting live during the event, and the band Street Survivors, will perform acoustic songs. Coventry police officers and Rhode Island State Police will also be attending and passing out Weicherding’s Bucky Child Passenger Safety, Covid Prevention and Vaccination coloring posters to the families dropping off toys for families in need.
Staples stores, meanwhile, are providing thousands of Buckleupallofus, Bus Stop Kids and Itty Bitty SUPER DUPERS coloring posters for shoppers to take home. The stores will put the kids safety coloring posters on counters and near registers for customers to take home.
The news marks the latest step forward for the artist and public safety advocate who has a growing following, and has worked in recent months with the Rhode Island Department of Health in recent months to design and distribute virus safety materials. Weicherding has been creating his award-winning, injury-prevention, safety and healthy habits campaign, themed, “Seasons Of Safety,” for Hasbro Children’s Hospital and LifeSpan Hospital Network for more than 20 years.

Buckleupallofus Kids and Family Car Show Raises $1500 for imPossible Dream Charity

Buckleupallofus Kids and Family Car Show Raises $1500 for imPossible Dream Charity. With overcast skies and warm temperatures, there was a lot of activity with classic cars, cool trucks, hot rods, rat rods and even an antique fire truck brought by the Providence Fire Department Firefighters to this fundraiser event held in Warwick, Rhode Island on Sunday, September, 27th from 11am till 2pm. The Antique Providence Fire Truck even took a trophy and that will be headed to the Providence Fire Department to put in display on a shelf. Also attending and showing their support for Buckleupallofus Child Passenger Safety Community Outreach Efforts and imPossible Dream Charity Fundraiser were Police Officers from the Warwick, Police Department, along with their Police canine, Gary. The officers passed out Bucky Child Passenger Safety Coloring Posters and Fridge Magnets to the Kids and Parents attending the car show. Bucky Child Passenger Safety Posters Published in Motorhead Magazine were taken back to the Warwick, Police Department, along with other Bucky Educational and Awareness Products for Kids in their city. The officers said that the Award-Winning, Traffic Safety Campaign, The SAFE And The SERIOUS “Drive Now...Text Later” and “Buckle Up!” Posters were already displayed on walls inside the Warwick Middle and High Schools for the students as well as at the police department. There were plenty of cool rides and everyone had a great time. Everyone was also social distancing and wearing face masks to keep people around them safe from the Covid virus. Kent County Classic Rock Radio Station was airing a live radio broadcast during the event and provided the music throughout the entire car show. imPossible Dream still needs our help and fundraising even though the car show is done and gone. You can conveniently make donations anytime online at www.impossibledreaminc.org They really need funding so they can keep the playground open to kids and families next year and provide wishes for sick children. Please make a donation today!

My buddy Jim Weicherding in the news again! 7-17-2020 nrinow.news/author/jim-weicherding

September Is National Child Passenger Safety Month

Print out this poster for your kids and tell them about child safety. This artist work is from Child Safety artist Jim Weicherding.


Here is the new Bucky Promotion for the East Coast with artist Jim Weicherding who is promoting safety for children heard on many radio stations on the East Coast. Check with www.carshownationals.com for updates for future events. www.carshownationals.com is proud to be a sponsor.

Bucky Child Passenger Safety Vehicle Air Fresheners

Teach your kids about safety make sure you buy one of these. A great way to teach your kids about safety in the car. To purchase these great air freshners go to the following link.

Holiday Safety Bucky Coloring Poster 2020. Print from here:

Enlarge and print coloring page

Motorhead Minds

Motorhead Minds Written by Jim Weicherding

What makes us Motorhead’s? Is it genetics? Is it how we were raised? Is it something we grow into or is it just a frame of mind? I can honestly say, “I don’t know.” All I do know is, “I’m a Motorhead!” and I’m proud of it. Not everyone is into fast cars, big trucks and classic vehicles but hey, I’m not into collecting stamps, gardening or video games, so I gotta do something with my time and that’s all about being a Natural Born Motorhead. Since I was a little kid I was always fascinated with muscle cars and big trucks. Loved them! Could not get enough of them. Like many of you reading this article, I was into playing with Matchbox Cars and Trucks in the back yard when the weather allowed and inside my bedroom when the weather didn’t allow for playing in the back yard. I built model cars and trucks every chance I had and had a bedroom full of shelves filled with all of these hand built models. I always asked Santa for these types of toys for Christmas and every single year that’s what I found wrapped under the Christmas Tree or in my Christmas Stocking nailed to the wall somewhere in our parlor. If Santa did not bring me these types of toys and models would I still be a Motorhead today? Not really sure, but I’d like to think so. I didn’t grow up around car people or family members so why was I different than everybody else? It might have been the timeline when I was a kid. It was the sixties! Everything about the sixties automotive era was on television, in magazines, on TV commercials, cruising down the roads and streets across America. I grew up surrounded by these images of power plant muscle cars and trucks. That might have been the driving force behind how I became a Motorhead. It was my environment. It was all around me. I don’t meet a lot of people who were kids in the eighties or nineties that are Automotive Enthusiasts unless they grew up in homes where dad and/or mom was already a Motorhead. My kids became Motorhead’s but that was because I was a Motorhead. See the connection? I grew up as a kid in the sixties. Everything was Muscle Cars and Fast Trucks. So, it pulled me in because that was the overall environment of that decade. Younger Motorhead’s of today are primarily Motorhead’s because they grew up as kids where their home life was built around that same environment. If this is a trend, I hope it doesn’t play out the way I expect it to play out decades down the road. When being a Motorhead is a thing of the past because time erases those of us who are avid Car and Truck Enthusiasts and we no longer cruise the streets, roadways and highways of America. Let’s try and help avoid that. This Christmas, go buy your kids and grandkids Car and Truck presents. Buy them models of cool classic cars, muscle cars and trucks. Help them build those models together. Play with toy cars and trucks with them on their bedroom floors. Put away the video games and turn off the television and electronics and teach kids how to play again. Like we did when we were kids. Buy them car and truck Coloring Books and Posters. Especially nostalgia themes with a lot of classic cars and trucks. Influence these kids to go outside and play with their cars and trucks. Have your kids help you work on your own car or truck when it needs repairs or upgrades. Get their hands dirty by doing something they might not do on their own. Help build a whole new generation of Motorhead’s and do it this Christmas with purchased items that are automotive related. We need to keep the Motorhead’s of America growing and thriving into the next generation. Have a great Christmas and stay safe on our roadways during the holiday season. “Buckle Up!”

Custom Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners Saving Lives

Custom Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners Saving Lives
Written by Jim Weicherding
When it comes to Traffic Safety and Kids there is nothing more important than consistency and conveying these messages that help remind Kids and Adults about Staying Safe. For a number of years, that is exactly what Buckleupallofus has been doing for Kids and Families Across New England and Across America. During these years of trying to reach as many Kids about Buckle Up! Safety a wide variety of products and publications have been utilized to make sure these Safety Messages are in front of a large audience. Classic Car Shows and Cruise Nights have been the most popular platform and venues in order to educate everyone while also helping to heighten awareness about Buckle Up!, Boost Up! and Car Seat Safety. One of the most effective products that has been developed and produced that actually works inside the family vehicle, classic car or truck and hot rod are Vehicle Air Fresheners. That’s correct, Vehicle Air Fresheners. What a perfect product for reaching out to Kids and Families about not only Buckle Up! Safety but also friendly reminders that a child is sitting in the back seat. Safety reminders like Vehicle Air Fresheners can remind busy parents and guardians not to leave a child in a hot car or truck on a hot day. This is just one example of how these great in-Vehicle Products Could Help Save a Child’s Life. The best part about these Buckleupallofus and Hot Vehicle Air Fresheners is that they can be customized and personalized for Classic Car Shows and Cruise Nights With Bucky and Hot Vehicle Images Featured on one side and Logos with Sponsors names on the other side. Anything you can think of, I can produce that for anyone. There are no Creative Limitations. Another idea; Fundraising Products. What a great way to not only try and keep Kids and Families Safer in Vehicles but you could also utilize these Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners to Help Charitable Causes at your Car Shows and Cruise Nights. Hand them out to the first 100, 150, 200 and so on, to Show Vehicle Owners and Spectators at your events! You already do that with little Dash Plaques that have a car club logo and event date featured on them. Why not add these great Customized Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners as Handouts too? Especially Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners that Helps Promote Traffic Safety For Kids & Families! Minimum orders of 100 Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners start at $2.99 each and lower with larger quantity orders. Email jwpisces14@aol.com with any ordering information, or inquiries, or reach out to Mike @ Car Show Nationals. We are here to help you with your Customized Vehicle Safety Air Fresheners Car Show and Cruise Night Orders. Help Keep Kids Safer. Order yours today!!!

Buckleupallofus Cruisin’ For Safety

Buckleupallofus Cruisin’ For Safety Written by Jim Weicherding / Bucky is quickly becoming the most requested Showcase Attraction at Classic Car Shows & Cruise Nights Across New England. This big blue dinosaur with a big smile and a seatbelt for a tail has appeared at nearly 300 Classic Car Shows, Cruise Nights, Community Events, Race Tracks, DragWays, Plazas, Malls and Auto Dealerships since it first arrived in the state of Rhode Island just 24 Months Ago. Classic Car Shows and Cruise Nights are the most popular attraction venues but that’s because the creator of Buckleupallofus is a long time automotive enthusiast himself. Second most popular venues are Race Tracks and DragWays Events. The creator of Buckleupallofus is also a huge racing and drag racing enthusiast. And again, these venues and events also makes perfect sense for Showcasing the Giant Buckleupallofus Child Passenger Safety Mascot Balloon and passing out Child Safety Materials Like Fridge Magnets, Stickers, Book Page Savers, Coloring Posters, Coloring Books and Bucky Kids Safety Fun Paks to Kids; it’s all about automotive featured venues and events. There are automobiles everywhere and there are kids everywhere. These photos were taken recently at a huge Car Cruise Hosted at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park and adjacent Bogey’s Ice Cream located in Thompson Connecticut. Buckleupallofus Giant Balloon was so popular the owners of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park asked if the Bucky Balloon could be showcased at their upcoming Kids & Family Appreciation Race Day on Sunday, September 8th, 2019. Of course, Bucky Giant Balloon will Showcase and we will be there to Pass Out 1,000’s Of Bucky Featured Print Items and Products during the Daylong Race Event For Kids to Take Home Reminding Them about Buckle Up! Boost Up! Car Seat and Traffic Safety. The month of September, is also recognized across the USA as National Child Passenger Safety Month. Bucky Giant Balloon will be Showcasing Across New England Reminding Kids About Buckle Up! and Traffic Safety all month long almost every single day of the month. You know you have something special when they create a Bucky Ice Cream Flavor For Kids too. And who doesn’t love Cotton Candy Flavored Ice Cream? Bucky sure does and he lets all of the Kids know it.


Buckleupallofus Evolution

Written by Jim Weicherding

What started out years ago as a simple idea to try and keep Kids Safer in their Family Vehicles has evolved into something much bigger than first imagined. Being a Cartoonist and Artist has been trying at times, especially earlier in my life, because I wasn’t certain what direction I wanted to go in regarding my talents and creative concepts. I was a big Classic Car and Truck Enthusiast and Owned Plenty Of Cool Muscle Cars and Big Trucks over the years. In my twenties I started attending mini-Car Shows. Back then they were just starting out here in New England with pockets of small clubs hosting Car Shows & Cruise Nights. I owned some real nice muscle cars including plenty of Pontiac GTO’s back in the day and my friends would invite me to hang out with them at these small gatherings and talk about cars and trucks. Most of the time, Little Kids would show up with their parents to check out our rides. I was drawing some cool hot rods and muscle cars coloring pages to Pass Out to the kids and figured I could also help remind them to be safer while riding in their own vehicles. Buckleupallofus was born. I would illustrate cool Bucky Hot Rod & Muscle Car Coloring Pages and go to the nearest copy store to make a couple hundred copies and started passing them out at these Car Show & Cruise Night gatherings. I Created hand painted Bucky Cruisin’ Safety Billboards to Display at these venues and eventually created Coloring Books and Products for kids to Take Home With Them. Local and community business owners saw what I was doing and offered to help with my printing and travel expenses by paying me Sponsorship money if I added their businesses and companies onto all of my Handouts to Kids & Parents. Today, they are all included in my Bucky Safety Coloring Posters and Coloring Books I Pass Out at more than 100 Classic Car Shows & Cruise Nights Across New England. And now, I have a Giant Bucky Balloon Attraction and the demand for Appearances is at an all time high. More Bucky Products and Print Formats Are passed out to Kids & Parents and Bucky’s Safety Messages Reach many more Kids today than ever before. Not only across New England, but also across the USA. More Classic Car & Truck Clubs along with Hot Rod Clubs and Car Show & Cruise Night Hosts are Reaching out to Help Bucky’s Safety Messages go to Kids in their own communities, towns, cities and states Nationwide. The most important thing we can do as a Group of Automotive Enthusiasts is to Reach Kids, Teens and Adults about Traffic Safety. And there are Millions Of Us Out There. More than 120,000,000 to be close to exact. Bucky has evolved from being a Single Page Coloring Sheet passed out to Kids at local car enthusiasts gatherings, more than a decade ago, to becoming a huge in-demand Kids & Family Safety Events Series of Events Featuring Numerous Corporate America, Company and Business Sponsored Products, Printed Formats, Banners, Publications and a Giant Balloon Reminding Kids to Boost Up! Buckle Up! and Parents Properly Restrain Kids in Car Seats. Keep ‘em Buckled Up and Remember; “Buckleupallofus!” www.buckleupallofus.com/jim-weicherding

Bucky, Kids & Car Shows

Bucky, Kids & Car Shows Written by Jim Weicherding / There are many organizations out there desperately trying to find ways to expand their reach and to help there cause. Many of them fail to do that and eventually fade away. They cannot find the support that’s needed to expand or to become profitable enough to reach their goals and objectives. Some may last five years, ten years or even longer, but they remain isolated and trapped in their own little section of the world unknown by their own communities and cities because of reasons that seem kind of strange but their reality is that because so many of these organizations exist they all compete for the same support and funding. Nothing unique defines them. Creativity is lacking and sometimes they fail in spite of themselves. Internal issues with board members that don’t see eye to eye or have their agenda that impedes and chance for success. I see it happening all around me. They start up, last ten years if their lucky then fail and no longer have any impact in their communities, towns or cities. Again, why? Because these organizations are just like all the rest. They all compete for support and funding. Bucky, Kids and Car Shows has been around for twenty-five years and grows each and every year. What started as simply drawn Bucky Child Passenger Safety Coloring Pages has evolved into Multiple Products, Print Items, Coloring Books, Coloring Posters, Fridge Magnets, Sticker Sheets, Book Page Savers, Bumper Stickers, Banners, Highway Billboards and More. Oh Yeah, Giant Balloon Characters that are in constant demand for Car Show, Cruise Night, DragWay, Race Track, Monster Truck Show, Touch-A-Truck, Parades, Festival and Community Events Across America. The coolest Bucky Features are all of the Customized Take Home Products & Fun Paks Sponsored By USA Companies, USA Corporations, State Businesses and Media Groups that take advantage of the growing popularity of Buckleupallofus and Safety Friends Events Handouts and Charity Fundraiser Items that cannot be obtained anywhere except through their creative source and Intellectual Property Owner, Me. Nothing like this exists anywhere across the USA, with the same amount of impact for Kids Safety, and Sponsors understand the Branding Power with such a creatively unique Kids and Family Safety Events Series and Educational / Awareness outreach on such a large scale. Bucky Giant Balloon Showcases appear at more than one hundred events just across the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut each year but now Bucky Events expansion states include New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, DC. starting in 2020. Are you hosting a Car Show or Cruise Night Event Across America? Interested in Bucky Safety Products, Print Items, Coloring Books, Coloring Posters, Sticker Sheets, Book Page Savers, Fridge Magnets or Kids Events Fun Paks For Handouts or Fundraising? Reach out to me at jwpisces14@aol.com or Facebook Message Jim Weicherding with inquiries. Always here to help out. Customization Specialists and Quality Items Just For Kids and Their Safety.

Buckleupallofus Award-Winning, Child Passenger Safety Mascot Giant Balloon Teams Up with Police Officers & First Responders Nationwide Reminding Kids to Boost Up! and Buckle Up!

Coming to a city near you!

Hosting a Car Show? Same ‘Ole, Same ‘Ole Formats? Want to Change That and Help Keep Kids Safer on America Roadways at the Same Time? We Now Have Brand New Buckleupallofus Bucky Kids Fun Paks Available For Your Car Show Events. Great Promotional Product Featuring Nationally Recognized Cartoonist, Jim Weicherding’s Award-Winning Child Passenger Safety Mascot, Buckleupallofus. Each Bucky Kids Fun Paks Comes With a Full Color Mini-Bucky Poster, Mini-Bucky Coloring Poster (Refrigerator Ready), Fridge Magnet, Book Page Marker & Sticker Sheet Protected in Clear Packaging to Hand Out to Kids & Parents Attending Your Car Show Events. You Can Also Insert Your Own Car Show Fliers, Sponsor Items & Goody Stuff for them too! Bucky Featured Article in a Recent SEMA Driving Force Publication and Automotive Magazines Nationwide. Bucky Giant Balloons Appear Regularly at Car Shows, Cruise Nights, Race Track and Drag Racing Events Across New England and New York State Annually and Soon Appearing in Parades and Racing Events Nationwide in 2019. Bucky Giant Balloon Was Showcased at More than 100 New England & New York State Events Each Year for the Past 3 Years with Tens-of-Thousands of Bucky Sponsored Take Home Items Passed Out to Kids & Families. Visit www.buckleupallofus.com/jim-weicherding for more information about his Award-Winning Bucky Child Passenger Safety Campaign Efforts With Buckleupallofus. Each Bucky Kids Fun Pak is Only $3.99 & Includes Shipping. Minimum Order 100 Units. For Your Convenience You Can Now Order Your Car Show Event Bucky Kids Fun Paks

Buckleupallofus Pak

Fridge Magnets. 4.5” x 4.5” $2.99 Each. Full Color Quality.
Portion of the Bucky Fridge Magnet Sales goes directly to Purchasing Car Seats For Single Moms Across The USA. Free Shipping up to QTY 100.

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